YouTube has announced new rules of use that will enter into force on December 10 and have raised the alarm among youtubers and content creators.

Specifically, it is the section that determines the reasons why YouTube can close a channel that most worries users of the social network, since with the new terms of use the following is established: (YouTube can terminate your access, or access to your Google account, to all or part of the service if YouTube considers, unilaterally, that the provision of the service it performs for is no longer commercially viable).

In other words: if YouTube doesn’t make money with you or with your channel, they can directly delete your account. This worries many users of the video platform owned by Google, which already last week notified the creators of the changes in the service through an email sent to the channel administrators.

However, in the YouTube communication it only informed that there will be changes in the service, but it did not indicate what those main changes would be. According to the company, the news is mainly produced to make clearer the way to write these Conditions of Use and that cannot be misleading.

But the reality is that this is not the case either, since, for example, when talking about the closure of accounts, YouTube does not specify whether it is the creators’ channels or if it could eliminate the account of a user who does not part of its Partners program and is only dedicated to watching videos, so it would not be providing any direct economic income to the company (beyond that when consuming videos, if that makes it show advertising in them and, therefore, that advertisers contribute).

In any case, it seems unlikely that YouTube will make this clause effective, since the social networks what they need is to have a broad user base, who consume the ads they serve and provide their personal information and usage patterns. Even so, it is curious that this exception has been explicitly added to the new Conditions of Use of the platform that will take effect in less than a month.

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