YouTube has just launched a few minutes ago a new feature, the Super Stickers. These are stickers that users can buy to show their support for the content creator during the broadcast of a live video and then donate a small amount of money thanking him for his effort.

The Super Stickers had already been announced in summer by YouTube at the VidCon event, held in July, but until now they were only in a limited test phase with some users. From now on they are available to all creators who have a channel with more than 1,000 subscribers that can monetize and reside in a market where Super Stickers are available.

The Super Stickers are a functionality that join the Super Chat, which were launched three years ago, and with which content creators already earn significant sums of money with their fans, especially in live chats and live broadcasts of events, premieres, games Users can buy a “Super Chat” and draw the attention of the creator on your message, which is highlighted in another color and at the top of the streaming, so you get more visibility.

According to YouTube sources, more than 100,000 channels around the world have already used the Super Chat functionality and some of them have generated more than $400 per minute. Now the creators can also continue to earn money with Super Stickers.

These are nothing more than a kind of thanks that the fan can send to the creator. They are like a sticker that can be sent on other social networks such as Facebook and, initially, there are eight available, five of them animated and with a specific “bio”. Users can purchase the one they want and show it during the broadcast of content to their favorite creator.

The Super Stickers have a variable price, between 99 cents and 50 dollars, and are presented in different languages: English, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese etc.

In fact, in Europe the Super Stickers are already available, which today reach more than 60 countries, although it is a function in deployment and YouTube has announced that until the end of the week it will not be available for 100% of users, so You may have to wait a bit if you do not have them available in your account.

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