There are indications that the All Progressives Congress (APC) are not through with Nigeria and Nigerians yet, despite all the cries and clamour in the land that the government led by President Muhammadu Buhari, has failed in all ramifications, particularly in her inability to address the myriad of problems bedevilling the country, ranging from insecurity, unemployment, hunger, strange body language amongst others.

According to the twitter handle of the presidency (@NGRPresident), the President has appointed Ahmed Tinubu to lead the consultation, reconciliation and confidence building efforts of the party as part of on-going mission to improve cohesion within the All Progressives Congress (APC).

This new assignment, whose sole aim is to ensure that All Progressives Congress keep a strong grip to power will involve resolving disagreements among party members, party leadership and political office holders in some states of the Federation. And there is no better person fit for this position than the one and only master strategist (Tinubu)

There is no denying the “Maradonic Tendencies” of Tinubu, as was made evident in the strategic role He played with support of cronies, loyalists, apologists and wannabes in ensuring that Buhari eventually got to his long desired seat of power, after many failed attempts. Nigerians who whole heartedly welcomed the messiah and messenger of change are in no doubt mostly in chains, as the realities on ground today shows that the move of fostering Buhari on Nigerians was the greatest undoing of a people in the history of leadership in Nigeria. There is no doubt then that Tinubu with the new appointment will be geared up to replay the 2015 political miracle, all thanks to his deep pocket, loyalists, cronies, connections, political wizardry and possibly the Midas touch that will help him foster “anyone” on Nigerians, even if it means shoving the person down our throats.

It is therefore logical and natural to state that Tinubu for the sake of posterity and as an elder state man, whose love for Nigerians and Nigeria should be stronger than any political affiliation, should in all fairness not accept the new appointment, as doing so will be an open endorsement of the inability of the President Buhari led government to protect and preserve the destiny of Nigeria, which is on a speedy trail to abyss. If truly Tinubu is a progressive, of which we know He is, then He should be million miles away from any appointment or association will make the next 4 years unbearable for Nigerians.

Aside from this call as a sign of patriotism, there were also indications that Tinubu was sidelined by the Buhari government, immediately He was sworn in, despite the role Tinubu played in ensuring that Buhari got to power. The big question is? “Tinubu, are you willing to endure another 4 years of in-relevance? And by extension another 4 years of pain, anguish and hunger in the land?

There is a proverb that the wise uses their tongue to count their teeth, by implication therefore, Tinubu should use his tongue not only to count his teeth, but also to speak up against the in ability of the government to address the insecurity in the land, the menace of herdsmen, failing economy, unemployment, hunger and anguish in the land. Our kind advice is that the realities of today are different from the abragadabra and the political miracles of the 2015 general elections. We are wiser now, so all the antics and manipulations and propagandas of the past will not work this time around. Save yourself the shame!


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