If you’re an admin of a Facebook Business Page, you’ll have found that in the last few days it’s impossible to tag other people or companies in the photos you’re trying to upload to your corporate profile. Why?

Facebook has removed the label from the status post box in favor of tagging product, and that makes the process for tagging photos not as intuitive.
Accompanies the post, but tagging the image can’t be done easily from the status publish box.

But this doesn’t mean that we can’t include the photograph on the label, just that we’ll have to do it differently.

In order to tag a photo, you have to publish it first and then tag it. Once the photograph is published on our company page (both in the profile and in an album) you only have to go to the “Photos” section of the profile (in the menu of the left side column on our Page).

Once there, you’ll have to search for the photo you just uploaded,either in the general section or in one of the folders. When you click on it, we will open it in larger size, and in the lower right corner is shown, in small, an almost imperceptible text that says “tag photography”, as seen in this image:

By clicking on it you can tag your photo normally, as before, starting to type the name of the person you want to tag and selecting in the proposal box that Facebook indicates the person you want to tag.

It’s just an easy way to tag photos for those people who miss the option in the status box. You have to click a few more, but you can still tag people on the Company Pages.

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