WhatsApp is developing a new protection function for users with iOS devices. This functionality will alert the user when the messaging platform detects an attempt to register their number from another terminal.

That is, the service will notify if another person is trying to create or access a WhatsApp account using a phone number that is not yours. From what is known, with this new function, WhatsApp will inform the user that someone has requested a registration code and will offer the possibility that, if it has not been him, reject the validity of the code.

Today, the Facebook messaging platform only requests a verification code when an Internet user tries to activate an account on the service linked to his telephone number. The code is sent by text message to the number with which you want to register the account.

However, the company has detected cases in which an outsider seeks to create an account with a number that is not theirs. The company currently does not report this. In addition, it should be added that if the user has been the victim of a SIM card hacking, they may not even receive the verification code.

This new security tool is also related to another function that WhatsApp is developing: the possibility of keeping the same account active from different devices. The new feature may allow users to use the same WhatsApp account from two devices much more securely.

However, the possibility of using several devices with the same WhatsApp account is not available. What users can do is use two WhatsApp accounts from the same device. For this, there are applications such as Parallel Space or, directly, the use of Dual SIM phones.

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