WhatsApp is developing a battery saving mode that will take advantage of the application’s dark mode. The purpose of this new function is to reduce the battery consumption used by the phone to charge the messaging application.

However, the company is only testing it on terminals with Android operating system, so it is very likely that the first launch of the function only reaches smartphones with this system.

The operation of this new option is very simple. Users can go to the terminal configuration and in the (Theme) section they will have the possibility to select among the three options that WhatsApp will add: (Light), which is the normal mode of WhatsApp, (Dark), which is the mode dark and that at the moment is not available although some data are known, and “Set by Battery Saver”, which is the energy saving mode.

The new tool will be very useful, especially for devices with OLED technology display, which every time they detect the black color they directly turn off the screen pixels0. Therefore, the screens of these terminals will offer real blacks and more effectively preserve the phone’s battery when dark elements are displayed on the screen.

Meanwhile, in the case of smartphones whose screens are LCD, the pixels remain lit but projecting the dark color, something that can benefit the eye, avoiding a feeling of tiredness in the eyes.

However, all the information related to this new function is not yet known, not even an exact date on when it will be available. Nevertheless. The energy saving function requires the dark mode, since activating it also activates the night mode of WhatsApp, so it is very likely that both features arrive at the same time.

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