Resulting from series of drags and unending call-outs to the Nigerian police force to work around the unending fly-around news of Pant robbery going around the nation, the Nigerian police force has finally aired their stand.

The Nigerian Police Force has released a statement regarding the stealing of pants for rituals which is prominent among young people across the nation.

This was made in a post pulled across to the general public via the Force’ twitter page earlier today. In it, it was revealed that the Force cannot investigate any case of pants stealing for rituals, except if it is directly linked to a case of murder or other related crimes

Read the full Statement Below:

Stealing of underwear for whatsoever reason is a recent phenomenon, before now, we had cases of rituals killings but we can’t investigate things that are not empirically verifiable except when there is convergence of the act like cases of murder or an attempt or related crimes.

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