Your metabolism operates your body; whatever you eat, drink or do directly impacts and fuels your metabolism. If you are habits are healthy, your metabolism functions like fire and it not, it gets slower. There are some essential daily habits which when included in routine can get your metabolism to work properly and burn calories all the time. With this it is important to understand that one hour at the gym or eating healthy may not guarantee quick weight loss. For optimising your weight and healthy weight loss, it’s important to activate your metabolism so it keeps working all day long. Following are some science-backed activities/ habits that can keep you on your weight loss track from dawn to dusk.

Green tea for healthy weight loss

Green tea activates metabolism like nothing else. Even if you are a coffee-addict, make sure to have a cup of green tea in a day. Green tea comes loaded with anti-oxidants. Catechins, one of the anti-oxidants is believed to increase metabolic rate. It’s mentioned that people with Type-2 diabetes lose weight and have better control on blood pressure if they drink four cups of green tea a day. Imagine if a person with a lifestyle disease can be benefited with it, what a cup of green tea can do to your body.

Never miss breakfast for strong metabolism

When you get up after six to eight hours sleep, your body needs to be brought back to activity. This happens when you eat breakfast. It breaks the fast for you and put metabolism at work. Moreover, if you eat fibre and protein in your breakfast, it generates more energy for the rest of the day to keep you away from unnecessary bingeing during the day. There have been studies which say that breakfast increases metabolic rate more than eating same food for other meals of the day.

Include cinnamon in your breakfast binge

Contrary to traditional belief, spicing up your breakfast with this spice can be good for your weight loss goal. In one of the studies published in the journal Metabolism, it’s mentioned that cinnamon may help activating thermogenesis—the heat produced by metabolism. Having it in breakfast means having its effect all through the day. Try including it in your smoothie or over bread spread.

Choose cycling if working out for weight loss

While every form of workout I great for weight loss, studies say that people who cycle have better metabolism than others. A University of Copenhagen study (done in 2018) found that cyclists and bike riders have higher levels of a hormone called FGF21—a metabolism-boosting hormone. If you are already working out, try replacing half of the time with a cycling session. You may be able to see some difference in few days.

Switch your lunch and dinner menu

If in case you are planning to go on a heavy meal for dinner, switch it with your lunch. People who take more calories at dinner are found to be more obese than others. Therefore, eat more for lunch if need be, so your body has more time burn calories during the day. It’s speculated that this style of eating falls in sync with circadian rhythm which aids in metabolic function of the body.

Try to get iodised salt back

Rock salt is good for health, there’s no doubt about it. However, iodine is an important nutrient because it helps thyroid in keeping metabolic function of the body active and going. As per experts 150 micrograms of iodine per day is enough, that’s about half a teaspoon. If you are still scared of having iodised salt, you can also get it from fish, vegetables, dairy and some fruits.

Give your phone some rest

Experts believe that blue light emitted by phone may increase the insulin resistance in body. This makes it more difficult for the body to digest and process sugar in blood thus resulting in weight gain. So, late night scrolling on phone not only disrupts your sleep but may also make you fat. To keep your metabolism up and about, you might want to take a break from your phone. Think about it!

Call it a day for proper sleep

Sleep is important to keep metabolism active. Several studies have shown that if you sleep poorly, it may alter your glucose metabolism and regulatory hormones. Both of these are important for proper functioning of the body. Therefore, if your want your body to help you keep losing weight, take your bed time seriously.

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