The United Kingdom, the United States and Australia want faster and easier access to communications that occur on Facebook’s social networks. The three powers want to effectively pursue users who may be suspected of terrorism or pedophilia.

Therefore, they want Facebook to create legal access to the content of the messages that are shared by these platforms. In addition, the content must be in a readable and easy-to-use format. This is what is known as “back doors.”

Governments want to access the private communications of around 300 million WhatsApp users and 1.5 billion Facebook users

The three countries have jointly sent an open letter Mark Zuckerberg, requesting that the CEO of Facebook accept that governments can have access to information. The letter has been signed by the Australian Minister of Internal Affairs, Peter Dutton, the United States Attorney General, William P. Barr, the interim secretary of National Security of the United States, Kevin McAleenan, and the Minister of Interior of the United Kingdom United, Priti Patel.

These Western leaders believe that the technology giant must deliver to the governments the private communications of around 300 million daily WhatsApp users, in addition to the messages of the 1.5 billion Facebook users.

However, Zuckerberg opposes that government institutions can build “back doors”, as this would violate the privacy and security of users. On the other hand, Will Cathcart, head of WhatsApp, along the same lines as Zuckerberg, explains that end-to-end encryption protects that right for more than a billion people every day.

This letter comes after it was learned that the United Kingdom will force social media platforms that are based in the United States to share encrypted messages from users with the British police. This measure is produced under a new agreement reached by the United States and the United Kingdom. Among the most important social networks that are affected by this agreement are Facebook and WhatsApp.

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