Reports emerging from Uganda, likely to spark more controversies and religious rows suggest that a pastor in the Kampala has reportedly set hundreds of Holy Bibles belonging to his members ablaze, claiming its contents were misleading to the members of his church.

The pastor, reportedly named Aloysius Bugingo, who is the Head Pastor of House of Prayer Ministries, Kampala, Uganda ordered the members of his church to gather hundreds of Bibles together and set them ablaze.
He stated that the bible had been translated into various versions, and these versions were incoherent and as such, misled his congregation.

Christians worldwide have criticized and condemned his actions. Some have said he will be visited with God’s wrath.
A large percentage of the member of Pastor Bugingo’s church are Makerere University students in Uganda, and he boasts a population of about 6000 members

He claimed that some of the lines and verses in the bible had been tampered with during translation, in relation to the ones which talked about fasting and the lent period. He also claimed that the King James Version of the bible mentioned the word, ‘Holy Ghost’ more times than the word ‘Holy Spirit’

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