If you are having trouble using Twitter, you should know that it is not something that happens to you alone. The social network is experiencing problems accessing the service and when updating content published in large part of the world.

This has been pointed out by some users who have been able to access the social network momentarily, and the Downdetector web page also records the incidents , where you can check the service status of the main online platforms.

According to the activity map that it records, Twitter is having problems in much of Europe countries, especially in the United Kingdom. Falls and service cuts are also frequent right now in countries like Japan or the East Coast of the United States.

Malfunctions are being recorded both in the desktop version of Twitter and through its mobile applications for iOS and Android. Also the services that use its API – third-party applications as cross-platform managers of social networks such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck – are also experiencing service cuts.

Although the operation is not usual, the Twitter support account has not officially announced that any problem is being registered. Nor on their website where you can check the operation of your API are incidents officially registered, despite what hundreds of users are experiencing.

There are many users who are complaining however in this network -when it works- and others like Facebook. Are you having problems accessing or using Twitter? Write us your experience in the comments to this news.

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