Paris Saint Germain head coach Thomas Tuchel has spoken in an interview about how all of Neymar’s drama was managed last summer and how it affected his relationship with the Brazilian striker Neymar.

Thomas Tuchel, coach of Paris Saint Germain, explained in an interview at Bein Sports, how the crisis caused in the summer was managed after Neymar’s manifest desire to leave the Parisian complex and finally couldn’t move away from the club.

“It didn’t affect our relationship because we knew it was possible to continue together,” says the German coach, who also points out that the Brazilian “is a good guy.”

Last summer there was a real earthquake in Paris caused by Neymar’s manifest desire to leave Paris Saint Germain. After several weeks starring in what was the soap opera of summer, the Brazilian striker ended up staying in the French club after Barcelona failed in his attempt to take him back to Camp Nou. All this caused various fractures, especially between the board and the Brazilian clan, wounds that are now trying to heal.

Thomas Tuchel has recently granted an interview to Bein Sports and talked about how he lived this episode and how it affected his relationship with the Brazilian. The German coach points out that they both knew that the last decision was not up to them and that there was a good chance of continuing to work together so they tried not to affect them. “Between us, not much has changed, ” says the coach about their relationship after what happened in summer.

“I knew I wanted to leave the club and he knew that I was against it, that for me it was not the right time or decision. But we also knew that in the end it was not my decision or his,” said Tuchel. “It should not affect our relationship because we knew that there was the possibility of continuing to work together and that it would have been stupid to ruin everything,” said the German.

He also acknowledged that the club facilitated the work by imposing that Neymar did not play the first games until he clarified his future. “I was able to concentrate on the group. I didn’t have to wonder if I was going to play or not because the decision was clear and came from above. This clarity helped me a lot,” said Tuchel.

“Neymar is a good guy”

During the interview, Thomas Tuchel also took the opportunity to praise the Brazilian striker. “It can be hard to imagine when you see it from the outside, but he’s really a good guy,” says the German. “It is not difficult to be close to him and convince him to do the right thing,” said the coach.

What is going to be more difficult is to sign the peace with a good part of the prince’s park stand that does not forgive his intention to leave last summer. “The situation is not simple. The followers express their opinions and I understand them completely. They have the right to express themselves, they are very proud of their club,” continues Tuchel. “It’s not nice to hear one of your players repeat week after week that he wants to leave,” he says.

But Tuchel has decided to lend a hand to the Brazilian to reunite with the fans. “I told him we had to face this reality. Now we are here and it is my job to press him to act,” Tuchel said.

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