TikTok has already been downloading, for more than a year, more than Facebook and Instagram worldwide, although in recent months the growth rate is somewhat lower. Even so, it is the great rival to beat in the Social Media universe and all the giants have turned their eyes to the application of Chinese origin, which triumphs among the youngest.

In fact, being unable to buy it, Facebook has already created a similar app for Instagram – which is currently being tested in Brazil – and Google is about to buy an app called Firework with which it wants to replace TikTok.

However, from ByteDance, a company that owns TikTok, they have more ambitious plans while their rivals are limited to copying them. For example, TikTok is preparing its own streaming music system, which would be a direct confrontation with Spotify, Apple Music and other existing music services today.

That is to say, that TikTok not only wants to be a social network, but goes further. Your streaming service – without official confirmation from the company – could be ready for next December, according to the Financial Times newspaper.

Apparently, the service would have a monthly cost of less than $10 and would be launched first in some countries such as China, India, Brazil and the United States, although all these data are not officially confirmed by the company. What is known is that ByteDance is conducting negotiations with record labels such as Sony, Warner and Universal, to obtain rights so that its users can listen to and use the songs.

TIkTok for Artists launch
While the arrival of the streaming music service is waiting for next month, what is a reality is already the TikTok for Artists service, which allows singers and musical groups to have their own profile, upload music, allow users to use their themes in his musical creations.

Remember to some extent the profiles of MySpace, the social music network that became the most used in the world in the middle of the last decade, before Facebook far surpassed it. Among its features, in addition to allowing more contact with fans, artists will also receive interesting information, such as the number of times one of their songs has been used, how many users are listening to their songs.

In addition, there is a function called Artist Spotligh, which allows you to listen to original music from musical groups in the application. This allows artists to also expand their audience. At the moment, it is only available in Japan and Korea, but obviously, it is the prelude to that music streaming service that we talked about that TikTok is about to launch.

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