Many have been left shocked after three boys gang raped a four year old girl in a school toilet.

The school was named as Ban Thung Krat School in Bang Lamung, Thailand, as there are suggestions that the boys may have been armed with a knife.

Speaking during a news conference, Paveena Hongsakul, who heads a foundation for children and women, called for an urgent review of the position and staffing of toilets used by young children at schools.

At the news conference was the Chonburi provincial police chief and the 41 year old mother of the four year old. They were given the assumed names of Mo and Naen.

Mo said that on September 4th she got a call from teachers at the school where her daughter is in K1. They said there was blood on her underwear.

The child told her mum that she had been going to the toilet in lavatories at the rear of the school.

She said that there were three boys and they had a knife. Doctors confirmed that the little girl had been raped.

Chief Pol Maj-Gen Nanthachart Suphamonkhon said that three boys had been interviewed by police in the presence of social services and were in custody in a juvenile detention center.

The knife that the little girl referred to may have in fact been the penis of one of the boys who has already been charged with rape.

The little girl has been reported as being terrified.

Paveena called for CCTV to be installed at school toilets and authorities to reassess the positioning of toilets for young children on school compounds.

She said staff should be present at toilets used by young children.

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