Faced with the trend of making the lives of users public on social networks such as Instagram, numerous mobile applications are emerging in recent months that aim to create more private communication spaces for users, confirming what Mark Zuckerberg pointed out in early 2019 to bet on a radical turn towards more closed environments in the field of social networks.

One of the latest social applications that boast this philosophy has been created by precisely two former Facebook employees, Sachin Monga and Alex Cornell, and is called Cocoon. Available for only a week but only for iOS – no arrival date has been announced for Android – it has drawn attention as defined as a private social network for families.

The idea of this application is to go beyond the traditional WhatsApp groups with the members of a family clan and grant a private, closed communication space, in which the members of a family can share their day to day, not only through sending messages, photographs and videos but also using other tools that may be useful: information about the flight taken by a family member, time at the place of vacation, photo and album archives, discussion forums … and the possibility of create a family chronology with the most relevant events for its members.

Cocoon also allows video calls or when other family members are online. One of the creators of the application published this week a video on Twitter where he explained more about the operation of this new application, which, more than as a social network, he defines as (shared space).

However, although the application may include some relevant tool, most of them can already be enjoyed on other social networks or instant messaging applications. Why would family members want to go to it ? Getting used to a father or grandfather to use it on a regular basis can possibly be the biggest challenge faced by its creators when it comes to making the application have a future.

The app, for now, will be free , but it has not been confirmed either if after its launch you will have to pay a subscription fee to access its services if you do not want to receive advertising or that the information that is shared cannot be «sold »To third companies. So far, it has raised three million dollars in rounds of financing to complete its launch.

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