What are the web pages that most Argentinian Internet users visit? What social networks are the most used? These questions answers the report of We Are Social and Hootsuite that employs Alexa data to establish the top 20 web portals most visited in Argentina.

According to their data, which mainly weigh two factors such as the average time spent per day in each of the portals and the number of pages visited, Google is the main landing page for Argentines. In it they spend more than 7 minutes a day on average and use it to visit more than 9 pages of the portal.

Curiously, it is the global version that they visit the most, while the Argentine Google page is relegated to the third position, with just over six minutes a day of average residence time among the inhabitants of the country.

Between both options is YouTube. The video portal also owned by Google would thus become the most used social network in Argentina, where users spend 8 minutes and 47 seconds per day on average consuming videos.

The second social network would be Facebook, which ranks fourth in the general ranking. It should be noted that Facebook users spend more time on it than in the rest of the top 3 member websites (9 minutes and 43 seconds on average), but nevertheless they see fewer pages on average for each visit in the social network, little more than four.

You have to descend to position 13 of the top 20 to find another social network: Twitter, in which Argentine users spend 6 minutes and 23 seconds on average per day, although they see less than 3 pages per visit.

In 15th place – and being the fourth social network – would be Instagram, a platform in which Argentine users spend 5 minutes and 47 seconds and see 3.86 pages on average.

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