There are numerous mobile applications that allow you to track, in real time, the status of a commercial flight, if it has already taken off, where exactly it is located, what route it will take, images of the airplane model, what time it will land. They are tremendously useful if a trip is going to be made or, for example, to check the flight of a friend who is visiting or of that family member who goes away.

If you do not want to lose sight of any aircraft, keep these applications handy that you can install for free on your mobile phone and keep track of any aircraft by simply entering the flight number, or the airport of origin and destination, as well as the date and time of it.

* FlighRadar24:- It is one of the most complete applications and is completely free. One of its most interesting functions is discovered as soon as you enter the application. Using the geolocation of the mobile, the app detects the user’s location and shows you all the planes that are flying over your area, in real time.

In addition, it is possible to know all kinds of information about each flight: origin, destination, takeoff time and landing time, forecast of possible delays, etc. By entering the flight number, you can also access a photo of the airplane model.

In the same way, when accessing the information of a flight that is on the way at that time, you can check in real time the altitude and the speed at which the skies are furrowing it.

It also allows searches including filters and set alerts to be notified when a flight leaves takes off. Provides real-time information on commercial flights in more than 130 countries.

* FlightAware:- It works similarly to the previous one. It incorporates a flight search engine to enter the flight number and know all the data about it: route, arrival and departure time, route it takes and also its location in real time.

It also allows you to access a map of any area of the world and see which planes are furrowing their skies at that precise moment. In addition, clicking on any of them gives access to all the information available on the flight.

* App in the Air:- It is an application available for both iOS and Android, which provides real-time information for flights from more than 1,000 airlines and at more than 5,000 airports around the world.

The application allows you to set alerts to know when a plane will depart, what will be your boarding gate or receive different flight updates, both by push message and by SMS.

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