An evolution of the classic 4 P’s in the marketing mix.

The way we sell has evolved a lot, because consumers are also different and it is necessary to adapt to them in order to offer them our products and services in a way that is attractive.

That is why some authors propose an evolution of the marketing mix and its 4 P’s, to a new model where we talk about the 4 C’s.

Below I will briefly explain what each of these new C’s is about.

1. Customer solution

This C corresponds to the first classic P: the product. But in this case, the focus is not fixed on the product as such, but on the solution you are offering to a problem or need in your consumers. It is about making you see that you are not selling them a cold product, but what you are really doing is providing a solution to a need or problem that these consumers may have. This is in line with the theory known as the “golden circle”:

The traditional way of marketing goes from the outside to the inside, while the one that goes according to the 4 C’s goes from the center out asking first, what problem am I solving? Why is my product of value to my consumer? Instead of asking first, what do I sell?

2. Cost to the customer (Customer cost)

This C would correspond to the Price P, and it refers to what is the cost of a product for my client. The difference is that with this model we are forced to ask ourselves what is the value that the consumer gives to my product before setting a certain price.

The idea here is to set a price that is consistent with the sacrifice that my consumer must make to obtain the product, as well as with the benefit that consumer perceives that my product brings.

3. Convenience

Here we are talking about the P of Plaza, the difference is that the focus of convenience is what you want to put the mark where it is convenient for your customers.

Here it is necessary to know what places our consumers frequent, what stores, what social networks, what web pages, what cultural or social events, etc. and make an effort to be there, instead of forcing the consumer to make an effort to find us.

4. Communication

It corresponds to the Promotion P and encompasses all marketing efforts aimed at communicating with customers. The difference is that we are not talking to them just to tell them: buy!, 2×1!, offer!, but we are landing the brand on their land and communicating with them to create a link beyond purchase and consumption. Here the goal is to sell ideas, instead of just products.

The 4 C’s are the same 4 P’s that we had talked about before, but what they propose as evolution is to focus not only on the product or company, but also on the customer and their needs. It is a marketing mix that conforms to the theory of the golden circle, where before starting to sell a product, and even before creating it, we must first ask ourselves what I am contributing with it, what solution I am giving my consumer.

Basically, Why should the customer buy from me and not from another? It is a new approach to see the same 4 variables to serve consumers who want brands to give them more every day.

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