Although many expectant mothers consider pregnancy to be the most beautiful time in their lives, but there are also those who do not enjoy it very much. They suffer from various health problems and generally feel discomfort. Taping of the abdomen can help in this case.

What Is Abdomen Taping?

Surely you have ever noticed the color tape on the body of the athletes and wondered what they are wearing. These tapes are made of cotton, latex-free, with medical acrylic adhesive, in almost identical thickness and elasticity as our skin (epidermis layer). This tape allows you to perfectly correspond to the human body – it does not restrict movement. The tape is completely safe, hypoallergenic, breathable, waterproof (you can exercise with it, shower and swim).

The natural elasticity of the tape gently lifts the skin, thereby promoting better blood flow and relieving pressure on the pain receptors in the skin. It facilitates the natural body healing process and range of motion by providing support and stability to muscles and joints, improving blood circulation, reducing pain and swelling. Abdomen Taping as its application not only in sport but also in everyday life. Much is used in physiotherapy, orthopedics, neurology, paediatrics, and also in gynecology and obstetrics, where it can relieve mothers after an imperial cut (thanks to taping, the subcutaneous skin is released and the scar ceases to be stiff, gradually relaxes).

In pregnancy, Abdomen Taping is a safe and effective form of treatment. The tape is designed to provide support for the growing tummy and alleviate discomfort in the lower back and abdomen. It is thus a safe natural alternative for expectant mothers who have troubles such as back pain (in the lumbar and sacrum), sciatica, but also carpal tunnel, swollen legs and other pain.

Pregnant women also have difficulty maintaining balance and overall coordination of movements. Under the influence of growing belly, relaxation of muscles and ligaments changes the center of gravity and thus the overall posture of the pregnant body. Strategically placing strips of ribbon on the back or abdomen will alleviate some of the common pain associated with a growing tummy, stabilize the spine, coordinate posture – the straps help to distribute the weight of the abdomen evenly, which greatly alleviates some common abdominal pain, the spine stabilizes, body posture co-ordinates – the straps help to distribute the weight of the abdomen evenly, which significantly reduces fatigue.

The tape can also be used while sleeping, providing the necessary support while still allowing the full range of movement (as opposed to the pregnancy belt, which may be restrictive and uncomfortable).

When used correctly, the tape will begin to function immediately and provide you with 24-hour relief within 3-5 days.

There are several ways to support the belly, tap into it, but it is always a good idea to visit an expert who will evaluate whether this method is right for you and teach you the right technique. It is also good to consult a gynecologist about taping first.

If you know you have hypersensitive skin, be sure to mention this before taping, it will be better to try the tape on a small piece of skin first (due to a possible allergic reaction). Because taping may not suit every pregnant women, so if the application appeared after curing tummy or you would just feel uncomfortable, appeared to be pain, it is appropriate to remove the tape.

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