Southampton players and coaching staff have decided to donate the match salary to the club’s foundation after losing 0-9 against Leicester last Friday.

Southampton received last Friday the heaviest defeat in the history of the First League and so players and coaches have decided to donate the salary for that day to the foundation of the English club.

The 0-9 he received at the hands of the Leicester has gone around the world and in this situation, the Southampton team has decided to carry out such an unusual measure as the result.

“The group has decided that they want to donate their party salaries to the Saices Foundation to the Leicester, to help the vital work done by the charity,” the Premier League club said in a statement.

“The Saints Foundation works every year with 12,000 youth and adults of all ages, using the power and passion of the sport to transform their lives, The players and staff are putting all their energy and attention towards the two games in Manchester this week “read the statement published on the official website of the club.

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