Mohammad Albijawi, the Deputy Minister of Hajj and Umrah, said Saudi Arabia shall continue to provide effective service to pilgrims.

Mohammad said this in an apology he gave to the Federal Government of Nigeria on behalf of Royal leaders of the Kingdom when he visited the concern parties at Wefada Al Zahra Hotel on Al Salam Street Markazziva, in Medina over an alleged ill-treatment of two pilgrims by the security agents in Medina.

He stressed is disappointment over the regrettable incident and promised that it would not occur again
In his words he stated that Saudi authorities would never allow such kind of humiliation of pilgrims and would take necessary measures to ensure all those who are involve in the humiliation of the pilgrims were brought to book.
He expressed that Saudi will continue to maintain and ensure better handlings of pilgrims, especially while in the Kingdom.


He disclosed, “We shall continue to provide effective service to pilgrims.

” What brought us here today is the issue of the two pilgrims that were maltreated somehow by our security agents.

”We are here to say sorry and regret the issue and assure you that such things will never happen again.

”On behalf of the King, the Governor of Madina and all the royal leaders in this kingdom, we are here to once again express our apology to you for what has happened and to assure you that the Kingdom will never allow such a thing happen again”.

The Deputy Minister reaffirmed the resolve of the government to provide the necessary services to the pilgrims, stating that the Kingdom would continue to uphold its responsibilities.


He said the authority appreciated all pilgrims and would continue to ensure their stay is peaceful throughout the period of Hajj.

Amb. Umar Salisu, Charge d’ Affairs, Embassy of Nigeria in Saudi Arabia, said the governor of Medina informed him about the type of punishment that would be given to the perpetrators of the incident.

” We really appreciate the action taken by the Saudi Authority to bring those people to book and continue to allow Nigerian pilgrims to perform their hajj rites without any fear of harassment, molestation and maltreatment.
” According to Saudi Authority, this is happening for the first time and it will be the last, ” Salisu said.

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