Residents of a community in Ikorodu beat up a man who was found hiding in the ceiling of someone’s apartment.

The residents gave the man a serious beating, disfiguring his face after he was found on Thursday, hiding in the ceiling of someone’s apartment in Ikorodu area of Lagos state.

The young man who is said to have been handed over to the Police broke into the room of a resident in the community and hid in the ceiling of the building. He was planning an attack on the resident.

The man was beaten blue-black and stripped naked. A hammer was also found on him, it was supposed to serve as a weapon to attack his victim.

He was later handed over to the Police after the residents had already beaten him, disfigured his face.

This could have ended up a disaster if he was not caught. With the continued increase in crime rate, rituals, cultism, kidnapping and more in Ikorodu, this new technique of hiding in the ceiling is one to be worried about.

Recall that just recently, a man was shot dead by unknown gunmen in Ikorodu, an eyewitness said he was called out from a Hotel in the area and shot dead, another said he was lured to the area on a bike. Other eyewitnesses say the killing is cult related.

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