Paul Pogba accuses a considerable downturn that affects Manchester United this season start. The player wanted to set a course for Real Madrid in the summer and now he does not have his head centered at one hundred percent in his club, something that Solskjaer’s people notice considerably.

Paul Pogba is not living his best days in Old Trafford. The Manchester United player is not going through his best moment, a situation that is partly caused by his frustrated signing for Real Madrid. The player decided in summer to leave his club to undertake a new adventure in the white team, however the refusal of the Red Devils to sell prevented him from closing the operation.

Now, the team led by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is taking its toll on the decision not to sell him and, of course, the player as well. After a conclusive summer, in which everything seemed to end Pogba at the Bernabeu, the frustrated transfer has completely destabilized the midfielder. Your head is not in United and you will need time to adapt to the situation this course is experiencing.

It is clear that the player is not one hundred percent focused on his team. Pogba’s idea of leaving the English side was firm throughout the summer and Madrid had everything to face its hiring. The refusal of United paralyzed the negotiation and the club is now suffering the consequences of not accessing the request of its player.

You have to go back many years to find a worse start for the whole of Manchester . After the dispute of the first eight league days, the English are twelfth in the standings, with 9 points. Three days chained without winning the Red Devils, which have only been imposed on this start to Chelsea and Leicester, while they have fallen against smaller rivals such as Crystal Palace, West Ham and Newcastle.

In addition, in Europe doubts have only increased. Despite having one of the best teams in the Europa League and being clear contenders for the title, they have a minimum victory against Astana at home and a draw against Dutch AZ. A sad baggage for a team called to fight for the first positions of the Premier and for the second continental competition and that is close to costing the position of his coach.

In addition, the environment that has been created around the figure of Pogba does not help either. The player is not well emotionally and does not help the fact that he has had to endure racist insults by his own fans at this time, which, together with other episodes, have caused the player to reinforce his safety. Part of the Old Trafford stand does not forgive his intention to leave the club and has turned against him, something that does not favor the situation at all.

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