Venezuelan citizens will soon have to stop using the most widely used photo editing program worldwide: Photoshop. Adobe, the company that owns it, has announced that it will cut off access to this tool and the rest of the software programs that Venezuelans can use online to comply with the sanctions imposed by the United States government.

President Donald Trump banned last August any commercial relationship – including virtual ones – of US companies with the Latin American country as a measure of pressure to achieve the resignation of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Within this situation, the decision taken by Adobe is framed, which has indicated that Venezuelan citizens have until October 28 to download all the information and audiovisual content they have stored in their Photoshop accounts and the rest of the company’s programs, which a few months ago stopped selling physical software to move to an online subscription model for its programs. As of that date, all Photoshop user profiles will be deactivated and the editing tool will be completely inaccessible from Venezuela.

This is established by the company on its website, where it recognizes that the measure is adopted to comply with order 13884 promulgated by the United States government, which prohibits almost all transactions and services between companies in the United States and other companies or individual citizens in Venezuela.

“To comply with this order, Adobe will deactivate all accounts in Venezuela,” they say. Adobe notes that it does not know how long the sanctions will be effective, but promises to be aware and do everything possible to restore access to its programs “as soon as legally possible.”

Affected citizens will not receive a refund of the money they had paid for subscribing to Adobe services. According to the company, the penalties include sales of products, but also any support service, money back, loans, etc.

For now, Adobe is the first technology company to carry out such a movement. It is unknown if other firms that also provide access to online software, such as Microsoft with its entire Office program, could make similar decisions.

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