Penaut app is a specific social network for women in the process of maternity that was founded in 2017 by Badoo’s former executive director, Michelle Kennedy, and Deliveroo co-founder Greg Orlowski. At the beginning, the objective of this platform was to forge female friendships after motherhood; that is, to put women in contact with other women who had children to create friendship bonds.

However, the founder of the platform ended up realizing that what women were looking for was not so much to build personal relationships, but to connect in a community space to be able to share experiences with other women who have gone through the same process or are about of doing it. In short, a social network rather than a platform to get in touch.

Hence, the evolution that has undergone the platform in recent months and that has proved Kennedy right. In fact, 60% of Internet users use community tools while 40% use the search options for friends.

That is why the platform team began the transformation into a social network a few months ago. Thus came a series of tools such as the question and answer forum, which they dubbed “Peanut Pages” or the groups, the “Penaut Groups”, which has become the main reason for using the social network.

Since November 2019, this peculiar social network has increased the number of users by more than 20% month after month and already has more than one million women. Now, the platform is expanding its focus to reach those women who are trying to conceive.

Many women see in this space a good private alternative, more intimate and without advertising than other places on the Internet, such as Facebook groups or even WhatsApp. In addition, users in Peanut are verified by a selfie, a system that Facebook also wants to add.

Kennedy says that this type of verification gives women confidence when it comes to discussions and conversations that they would not have in other applications. «The conversations are much more personal and intimate and more related to their lives. So, if the talks are related to sexual life or their relationships, they are done on a deeper level, ”says the founder. Users can download this application through the App Store and Google Play.

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