Manchester United head coach Ole Gunnar Solskher commented on the outcome of the 8th round match of the Premier League with Newcastle that ended in a (0: 1) encounter.

“We are disappointed. We did not have a few key players, but this is no excuse.

The players worked hard and tore their socks (ran their socks off, lot of effort was made to the case – but at the moment we occupy an unusual place in the table.

Fortunately for us, there will now be a break for the matches of the national teams. We have time to evaluate what happened during these eight games. I hope some players recover from injuries.

That is my responsibility. I need to put their thoughts in order. Young guys lack confidence – they need the help of experienced players and staff.

They are people, and they want to win. They need to see the results of their work, but they are not, so this affects them, ”said Solskher.

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