Why Nobody likes Nigeria

Why Nobody likes Nigeria, The Entrepreneurial and Youth Drive!; According to Sahara Reporters, Ghana deported 723 Nigerians a few days ago. The reasons ranging from cyber-crimes to prostitution.

These narratives are the easiest to peddle. What with Jussie Smullet’s recent stunt involving two Nigerian Brothers. Jussie Smollett is that celebrity actor that starred in the “Empire Series” as a gay singer. He allegedly paid two Nigerian brothers to stage a homophobic attack on him. This same Nigerians happen to be his trainers on the Empire movie set and played as extras in the movie itself.

What with the recent Marek Zmyslowski lies & deceit in his quest to build “Amazon of Africa”. Edmund Olotu recently provided evidence against Marek. Marek Zmyslowski‘s “How Building the Amazon of Africa put me on Interpol Most Wanted list”, was punctured with lies against Nigeria.

It’s like the whole world at this time is all out to prove a conspiracy. That everything evil comes out of Nigeria. That that country is the scum of the earth.

It won’t be that horrible if another headline breaks with Ghana claiming they deported Nigerian Youths for cyber-crimes and prostitution.

Recent Happenings in South Africa

The Nigerian Student Society (NSS), University of Pretoria, has reported a large number of visa rejections and “illegal visas”. Students duly registered at the University of Pretoria, Mastercard Scholars, received visa rejections. The claims are that their visas were “illegal.”

Why Nobody likes Nigeria

Nobody distributes visas on the streets. Students have to go through a lot of rigorous ordeals to get South African Study Visas. I described this in my own travel experience.

Nigeria Several Students here at UP have been unable to return to school because of denied visas. The hostility towards Nigeria is on the rise.

So, while you vote, understand this. This indicator of how unwelcome we are abroad is a huge reflection of an unstable economy.

The reason other countries are welcome, why we beg them to come to invest and they don’t beg us to come over. It is because we are the ones who seem to need help.

Every Nigerian Abroad has a chance to change the perception these countries have about us. Every traveling Nigerian is an ambassador with a huge responsibility to change the narrative.

What about Nigerian Ambassadors & Embassies?

Spaces like the embassy, are supposed to be home away from home for Nigerians, right? In South Africa, this is the case to a large extent. A few days back, the NSS delegates received a warm welcome at the Nigerian High Commission, Pretoria.

The High Commission promised to resolve the circumstances leading to visa rejections. What a lot of the students did not notice is that since as far back as 2015, Nigerian foreign missions have experienced a steady decline in funding. This situation went critical. To the point that a lot of countries threatened to evict Nigerian embassies for not paying their rents. Others for badly maintained properties.

Sahara Reporters in 2017 reported corruption in the foreign affairs ministry. Only a few Nigerians paid any attention. The Nation Online in 2015, also mentioned a proposal for reducing foreign missions. As if this would have been the best approach, the Presidency was indeed open to this proposal. Reports show that they pursued this direction.

The Implications – Why Nobody likes Nigeria

This is a situation of sharing the key to your gate with several neighbors. They complain about your badly maintained gates. You then decide that instead of cleaning up your gate or dealing with the corrupt gate man, you’ll rather close down the gate.

Now you know why Nigerians struggle to attract investors, grants, scholarships, and other benefits. Since the funding for foreign missions is going down the latrine, our reps are definitely going to have poor negotiating power.

If our “representatives abroad” are only criminals who can afford to circumvent the neck-breaking hurdles of immigration, what narrative do you think would win? Nigeria is filled with corrupt people.

Yes, we agree that there are corrupt people in Nigeria, but there are also a large number of good citizens who don’t deserve to be represented this way.

For whatever reasons Nigeria is getting under so much fire during this period of our elections, we must understand that no one out there is going to stand up for the country except the citizens.

You’d also be proud of Nigerians if you followed the Marek Zmyslowski story on twitter. A lot of us realize that indeed our national structures are heavily corrupt but we also realize how important it is to maintain our belief in the goodness of the Nigerian heart.

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