The Nigerian National Petroleum Commission, the NNPC, has today effectively relieved three of the senior officials in the institution of their duties with no tangible reason given for their dismissal and has re-assigned their roles to four other officials to oversee.

There was no official reason given for their dismissal as at the time of the report but it was gathered from sources through some additional investigations that the reason for their dismissal was related to the scandal that arose because of a supposedly missing 17 billion Naira worth of petrol from the commission’s infrastructure. The significant amount of petrol in cash worth is reportedly missing and cannot be accounted for.

In a speech delivered today in relation to the incident which has sent shock waves down the spines of major players in Nigeria’s oil sector, the group general manager of the group public affairs division of the NNPC, Mr Ndu Ughamadu said the officials being relieved of their duties was down to no major reason. He, however went ahead to mention the names of the retired senior personnel and also mentioned the names of new personnel assigned to replace the outgoing ones in their respective positions. He made the following comments,

“In line with the ongoing reforms in the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, the management has announced the retirement of some staff and the deployment of others.”

“The retired staff are Mrs. Esther Nnamdi-Ogbue, Managing Director, NNPC Retail Ltd; Mr. Alpha P. Mamza, Executive Director, Operations, NNPC Retail Ltd; and Mr. Oluwa Kayode Erinoso, Manager, Distribution, NNPC Retail Ltd,”

“The deployments are Mr. Adeyemi Adetunji, Managing Director of NNPC Retail Ltd; Engr. Lawal Bello, Executive Director, Operations, NNPC Retail Ltd; Mrs. Affiong Akpasubi, Executive Director, Services, NNPC Retail Ltd; and Mr. Agwandas A. Andrawus, Manager, Distribution, NNPC Retail Ltd.”

Hopefully, more information will be released as more report emerge from the institution.

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