IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, who was charged with treason but granted bail by Justice Binta Nyako after 18 months in detention, stated that Nigerian courts do not have the capacity to try him. According to him, there is something fundamentally wrong with the brains of the rulers of Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu who fled the country and magically resurfaced last Friday in Jerusalem after almost a year, said;

“The Nigerian court is a Kangaroo court. I did not jump bail, I left because the court failed to protect me. I shall not be honouring the court. I cannot be tried by a court I do not recognise. The zoo called Nigeria cannot jail me.

I will fight till the last day. Till now, Binta Nyanko’s court has yet to hold a hearing about the circumstances that led the Nigerian Army to come to my house to kill 28 people.

Only upon a clear pronouncement of the intentions of that very court, which I suggest to them should be free, will this very case move forward.

Going forward, there must be guarantee from the international community so that this case can proceed and I will prove once and for all that there is something fundamentally wrong with the brains of those that rule Nigeria.”


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