Basil Okpara

Nine-year-old Boy from Nigeria created 30 computer games In just 4 months, Basil Okpara was able to release 30 computer games.

The skills of a programmer, Basil acquired in a computer camp. For 30 full games, the girl took only 4 months. One of the games, according to Internet resources, is called

“Frog Attack”

in the story, people protect the planet from the attack of alien frogs.

“I like to create games because they are fun to play. And when I play them, I feel that I am in control of the situation, ”

said Basil about her hobby.

By the way, Africa has a rather difficult situation with the Internet, only 16% have the opportunity to go online, so Bazil has all the chances to turn his life’s business out of his hobby.

The nine-year-old from Nigeria has created over 30 games in under 4 months after attending a coding camp in Lagos

The games very much are still raw stage and only PCs with Scratch 2 installed can access the game, however, Basil’s father disclosed that one of them Frog attack, will soon be available to the public on Google play store before early September. Basil’s ambition is to become a world-renown scientist in the future.

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