A member of House of Representatives, Mr. Ajibola Famurewa (Osun-APC) says Nigerians should celebrate 18 years unbroken democratic governance as part of 57th independence anniversary.

Famurewa told newsmen in Abuja on Friday that though the country was facing challenges, there were a lot to celebrate for the anniversary.
“For us as a nation, we are celebrating 57 years of independence, and I think we have a lot of reasons to thank God.

“In the last 57 years, we have passed through a lot of situations and to the glory of God; we are able to overcome some of the challenges that came our way along the line.

“The challenges came from different angles. We talked about military incursion into politics or talk generally about our economy, security situations and all those things but we thank God that today we are still one.’’

Famurewa said in spite of many agitations for secession, whatever right anyone had should be subjected to the larger interest of the nation.

According to him, “in spite of the fact that some people are agitating for secession. Personally, I believe that everybody is entitled to his rights.”

“They have their own rights under the Constitution, but whatever the rights you have, you must subject it to the larger interest of the nation because we are in the territorial place called Nigeria.

“We have a Constitution that established and guides the nation and whatever you are doing out of your own personal freedom of speech, freedom of action, freedom of this or that.

“You need to subject it to the larger interest of the nation. So, to me I think we have a lot of things to thank God for,’’ he said.

The lawmaker said that developed nations went through challenges before attaining present heights, adding therefore, that Nigerians should be encouraged amid difficulties.

“I know we have some challenges, we have some problems, but if we consider ourselves with other advanced nations like the United States, they also passed through all these stages before achieving greater heights.

“This is the first time we are having 18 years of civilian rule without any interruptions; that alone is enough to thank God for. And, we believe we will still celebrate more years to come.

“We need to trace the history of Nigeria and look at where we are coming from. “Let us assess how we actually got to where we are today.

If you now examine it, to me, I don’t see this nation as failing. “Nigeria will remain Nigeria because those people that are agitating for crisis, to me, are calling for war.

“Maybe, they were too young or they were not even born when Nigeria fought the civil war, the war that claimed over two million Nigerian souls.

“If someone now comes today and sounds the same drum, I don’t think that person knows what he or she is doing.’’





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