Nigerian Arrested For Smuggling $1.7m Worth Of Meth In South Korea

A Nigerian suspected to be involved in the sneaking in large amounts of meth has been apprehended in South Korea.

A 46-year-old Nigerian has been arrested by South Korean Police on Wednesday for smuggling copious amounts methamphetamines which are popularly called Meth in South Korea via an international mail from China.

The Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency in Seoul have put the yet-to-be identified Nigerian in custody.

According to a report published by the Korean news agency, Yonhap stated that two times last week the Nigerian via post tried to smuggle 605 grammes of meth, worth some 2 billion won (US$1.77 million) into the country. The smuggling was done with the use of women cosmetic products.

The drug parcel was smuggled via international express mail.

The police describe the volume of meth he attempted to smuggle into the country as large enough for 20,000 people.

The suspect is reported to have a blue-collar job and resides in Pyeongtaek, South of Seoul, the mail arrived from China through Cambodia.

The drug was confiscated by customs at the Incheon International Airport, after an intelligence tip on a possible drug trafficking.

The suspect is being investigated by the police to clarify if he had any accomplices.

Many Nigerians have been arrested in the Asian belt over similar cases of drug trafficking especially in India.




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