United Nations minister of foreign affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Geoffery Oyeama has said that the Federal Government has acceded to close down five foreign missions and embassies.

The minister of Foreign Affairs briefed journalist on Thursday in Abuja. He however, did not mention the names of the affected embassies or mission. He also said that the procedure for the closure are already in motion and the president has to assent to the proposal.

“We do not want to indicate the embassies that will be closed yet because we are in the process of submitting the proposals, the cost analysis and also the political analysis we did to the president.

“When he sees that, he may or may not want to close some, so we have not yet reached the stage of closing some,” Oyeama said.

Oyeama also pointed out to the reporters that closing a foreign missions were “extremely expensive”.

“The expense, costs of closing embassies is so high and prohibitive but in the long run it will more economical.”

On the 10th of April, Oyeama told NAN correspondents that the shutdown was unavoidable.

He also noted that it is quite expensive to close down foreign missions but overall the policy would turn out to benefit the citizens of the country in the long run.

The Foreign Affairs Minister, empahsized that the closure of some of Nigeria’s foreign mission was still an agenda pursued by the President Buhari’s led government.

Muhammadu Buhari when he began working as the Nigeria’s President mentioned that a reduction in the country’s foreign missions would reduce the cost of governance.

Currently Nigeria has 119 foreign mission.

“The government is following up on that and we have sort of pre­pared the roadmap; we have started the implementation of that and made also recom­mendations in that context.

“Paradoxically, closing missions is extremely expensive. At first sight it seems ob­vious that you close it you are saving cost but you will actually find that the cost of closing is almost prohibitive.

“But in the long run it will be cheaper, but in the imme­diate and short term it is ex­pensive but we have started the process,” he said.(NAN)


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