Google has integrated two new features in the ads for YouTube and another new advertising option in Google Images with the aim that advertisers can provide greater visibility to their products and that users have easier access to the purchase of products.

In the case of YouTube, the first novelty that Google has launched is the Shopping Ads, that is, ads that have a link that directs the user to the online store where they can purchase the product.

These ads appear with the title «Suggested Products», which shows a section that presents the products framed in the card format and that users can slide to learn more articles.

This section of suggested products may appear in the main feed or in the search results. The impact that this section of ads can have on the platform is unknown, since the frame it occupies, as can be seen in the following image, covers a lot of space in the YouTube interface.

YouTube also provides new advertising options for ads called TrueView, which are advertising videos that the user can ignore after a few seconds.

When one of these ads appears on the platform, a menu is displayed at the bottom of the player that will have various functions, including “Buy Now”. If users click there, YouTube directs them to the product page to purchase it.

Google has also added a new feature called Showcase Shopping in Google Images. If users are looking for a specific product in Google images, by clicking on one of the photo, the platform shows you products related to the brand and the link of the seller to be able to acquire it.

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