NASA enlists a spacewalk with women after a failed attempt

The US space agency NASA announced Friday that it is preparing a new series of spacewalks between October 6 and 25, including one in which two female astronauts will participate for the first time.

The tour that Christina Koch and Jessica Meir will take place on October 21, after a similar excursion was missed last March due to the lack of a suitable suit for one of the two astronauts who had to participate in that task.

Kock, 40, is born in the United States and had been selected for the March walk, while Meir, 42, is also an American, a Swiss mother and an Israeli father.

During the spacewalk in which only women would participate, Koch and his colleague Anne McClain were expected to make an intervention in one of the electricity supply channels of the IEE , which received its first occupants in 2000.

This time, the activity in which women astronauts will participate is part of expedition 61, consisting of five walks, which are expected to replace some of the batteries of the International Space Station (ISS).

“The existing nickel-hydrogen batteries will be updated with newer and more powerful lithium-ion batteries transported to the station aboard the Japanese H-II transfer vehicle that arrived on September 28,” NASA said in a statement.

The agency indicated that these tasks are part of the general update of the energy system of the station that began with some walks in January 2017.

In the first of the five walks announced this Friday, scheduled for October 6, Koch and his colleague Andrew Morgan will participate.

Both will complete a new tour on October 11, while five days later Morgan and Meir will make the third of the five scheduled rides.

The mission will conclude on October 25 with a walk-in which Meir and the Italian astronaut Lucas Parmitano are expected to participate.

NASA anticipated that the second sequence of walks will focus on repairs of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer of the space station, on dates to be defined

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