In December 2018, Microsoft was surprised: its web browser, Microsoft Edge, changed dramatically and became based on the Open Source Chromium project.

That decision has generated a lot of interest and we have been working with the promising beta version of this new browser for some time, but at Microsoft they want these changes to be noticed not only inside but also outside : we have a new logo for Microsoft Edge, and it has very little to do with that of its previous version and those used for Internet Explorer.

The final version of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium seems to be far away.

The software giant renewed the image of the Microsoft Edge logo five years ago when it announced the development of this new browser, but that image was still closely linked to the one we had associated with Internet Explorer since its birth.

With the new logo the thing changes in a remarkable way: it is true that you can guess an “e” in this new design, but the truth is that its appearance is much less obvious than the one proposed by Microsoft until now.

The new Microsoft Edge logo has been revealed through a very elaborate Easter egg, and according to Microsoft the final version will appear on January 15, 2019 for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 and macOS.

Meanwhile today has made a Release Candidate version available for download from the official download site.

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