It is likely that Mei will soon arrive in Some part of America and Europe, the application that is capable of analyzing WhatsApp conversations to, among other things, communicate to the user what the mood of the person with whom they are chatting is.

This application – which uses an Artificial Intelligence algorithm to show the user how the conversation is taking place with his interlocutor – is already available in the United States and Canada since last June and it seems that it will soon be spread throughout the rest of the world due to its enormous success, since about 600,000 users have already downloaded it. These are some of the most relevant functions and data presented by the platform:

-Analyze words and expressions:- The application is able to detect certain words and expressions and analyze them to know the direction of the conversation. Depending on this, the platform can inform the user if its interlocutor seeks more than a simple friendship relationship.

-More than 30 personality attributes:- The platform offers information to the user about the interlocutor depending on how it is expressed by WhatsApp. It is capable of providing up to 30 personality traits. For example, if a person is open-minded, introverted or even depressed.

-Moods:- In addition to the personality, he is able to know the mood of the user’s interlocutor at a certain time to offer recommendations on how to treat it.

– Assistant:- As mentioned in the previous point, MEI can make recommendations to the user on how to address his interlocutor based on his personality and moods. In fact, it is able to detect if a conversation is proving uncomfortable and is not happening smoothly. These suggestions appear in the conversation as a notification.

-13 years to download it. Users who wish to download it must be at least 13 years old as established by the service policies.

This application for socialization seems taken from a chapter of Black Mirror and reminds of another very curious that we commented this summer: Nimses, the platform unleashed the controversy to invade the safety of users and to determine ¬ęthe relationship between a human being and time”.

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