If you are trying to access Instagram or Facebook and you cannot do it normally, do not worry, it is not something that is happening only to you, but problems are being registered to enter and use these two social networks in various parts of the world.

This is how many users who already use the hashtag #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown on social networks such as Twitter have been able to complain about the service failures. In addition, these have also been registered by the Downdetector.org website, which shows the status of various online services in real time.

As you can see on the map that shows the incidents in the service on Instagram, it is in Central Europe where there are more problems to access the social network. These problems also affect a large part of the Spanish territory, so there are many Spanish users who cannot access Instagram nowadays normally.

In the eastern part of the United States, problems of access to the service are also being registered, as well as in some other parts of the world, although on a smaller scale. The incident map of Facebook presents a very similar image to that of Instagram, although it reflects a smaller number of problems in Spain, the focus of the falls is being recorded in Central Europe.

In addition to the social network, Facebook Messenger, Facebook’s instant messaging service, is also experiencing significant access and delivery problems in some messages.

So far, neither Instagram, nor Facebook from their official accounts or on Twitter or on the social network itself have made some kind of official comment about the fall. We will remain attentive to update this information as soon as developments occur.

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