Manchester United begins to get the idea that Pogba will end up leaving, so they urgently seeks a substitute for the French man.

Manchester United starts planning a future without Paul Pogba, who does not want to renew his contact because his intention is to change airs.

Real Madrid remains very attentive to its situation. Zidane insists that it is the ideal piece to reinforce the center of the field, but his arrival will depend on the United lowering its claims. In any case, the English club is already getting to the idea that the Frenchman ends up leaving and is urgently looking for a substitute, being the favorites Rakitic, Eriksen and Kroos according to Daily Mail.

The Red devils have began to consider the like of Rakitic, Eriksen and Kroos as a perfect replacement for Paul Pogba.

United have been trying to sign Croatian Midfielder Rakitic from Barcelona, who has lost a lot of prominence this season and is not going through a good time. However, Rakitic’s family is not convinced by the idea of living in Manchester, hence those contacts have cooled down. But United has more names on it’s target list.

Eriksen also likes it, and his signing would not be too high, as he ends the contract in June. On the other hand, the complicated thing is going to be to convince the Danish, who wants new challenges and would look forward to Real Madrid, also after his steps for some time.

Another of the midfielders that Manchester United has on his agenda is Toni Kroos. The British media is aware of the interest of Real Madrid in Pogba, has even raised a barter between the German and the French, something that in any case both players should accept in addition to the clubs reaching an agreement. And it does not seem that the Teuton midfielder is seduced by the idea of signing for United, especially after renewing for Real Madrid last summer until 2023.

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