Manchester United have the worst start in 30 years. Even Moyes didn’t fail like that.

Manchester United are stuck in 10th place after a 1:1 draw at old Trafford with Arsenal in the 7th round of the English Premier League.

Manchester United scored first, but in the middle of the second half (thanks to a strange episode and the help of VAR) the Londoners evened.

There were not so many events in this match, in the starting 27 minutes the teams have never shot at the goal – this is the longest expectation of the first hit of the season. As a result, Arsenal may be relatively satisfied that it left the defeat and remained in the Champions League zone (yes, in fourth place), but United itself gave a lot of reasons to be horrified.

• 9 points in 7 starting matches – the worst result for Manchester United at the start over the past 30 years. It was even worse in 1989: then the team scored 7 for the same period, and in the end only 13th finished in the championship. After the 1989/90 season, nothing worse happened to the club. During the existence of the Premier League, this is the worst result of Manchester United, it was close to this in 2013 with Moyes and a year ago with Mourinho (10 points each).

• Now United is in 10th place, and before the start of the match – since it was the last in the round – the team was 11th. This was the first time since 1989, when Manchester United met with Arsenal in the bottom half of the standings.

• The separation of Manchester United from the leading Liverpool is now 12 points, the last place (Watford) is much closer: at 7 points, only 4 to the relegation zone.

The only one for whom Ole-Gunar Solskher can rejoice is midfielder Scott Macktomini. The Scot (who will soon go to Luzhniki for the decisive Euro 2020 qualifying match) scored his first goal of the season and, for the first time in his life, scored at Old Trafford. True, there is a negative side: Macktomini scores in the Premier League for the third time, and in all three cases United lose points – before that there was a defeat from Wolves and a draw with Huddersfield.

Now Manchester United has an away game on Thursday Against AZ in the Europa League, Sunday – Newcastle. And the next home match after the break for the national teams – Liverpool will arrive.

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