Man dies after getting new tattoo

A certain man has reportedly died five days after getting a new tattoo.

“The unnamed 31-year-old suffered septic shock and cellulitis – an infection of the deeper layers of skin and the underlying tissue – after swimming in the sea in the Gulf of Mexico.”

The deceased man has died after disobeying advice given to people who get new tattoos to stay away from swimming.

Advice from experts to all those who get new tattoos is that they should stay away from swimming in pools or seawater for a least two weeks.

The man is said to have gone swimming in a sea just after five days he got a new tattoo on his right calf. This resulted in an infection and septic shock which caused his death.

The wounds from the tat which were still fresh got infected by flesh-eating bacteria. He reportedly developed rashes around the tattoo and severe fever.

After two days when his condition got worse, he was admitted to a hospital where doctors observed patches on his leg had turned a bruise-purple colour.

Vibrio vulnificus infection was discovered by the medics, his case became complicated as he was already battling a chronic liver disease.

Reports have it that in 24 hours the man’s internal organs began to fail, as he was immediately placed on a life support machine.

After a few weeks, he suffered a septic shocked and his kidney failed totally.

The BMJ report which documented the tragic case said: “Despite aggressive initial treatment, the patient developed septic shock and died.

“This case highlights the association of chronic liver disease and high mortality associated with infections of V. vulnificus.

“Health providers should remain vigilant for V. vulnificus infections in patients with chronic liver disease and raw oyster ingestion or seawater exposure.”

According to the NHS, Septic shock is a life-threatening condition that happens when blood pressure drops to a dangerously low level after an infection.



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