How to make Money on YouTube in Nigeria, Ghana & kenya

If you are looking to start a youTube channel here is a detailed guide, exclusively written for Nigerians, Ghanaian, Kenyan or any African who intends start a Youtube channel in 2019 or 2020 and making money off it.

Let me guess your vision of a perfect job: you decide when to work and when to rest, you get paid exclusively in foreign currency and instead of watching the dull faces in the office, enjoy the seascape? Youtube will help you realize what you are planning.

The annoying ad on YouTube has been annoying all the time, and it is the one that generates major revenue for account holders and encourages them to continue working. YouTube receives money from the ad if the viewer watches the commercial for more than 30 seconds or clicks on a banner.

Accordingly, the more people do this, the higher the blogger’s earnings will be. Despite popular belief, the number of subscribers and views does not indicate the thousands earned.

Some authors use a clever way: first, they collect enough followers and then inadvertently mention the names of the promotional products during the video, after which they receive money directly from the advertiser.

What are the potential amounts? The most popular channel on YouTube is owned by Swedish gamer and video blogger PewDiePie , which has made about $ 12 million in revenue over the past year. How did he do it? In 2010, the guy started uploading videos to YouTube on which he played computer games and humorously commented on the process.

About 42 million users have subscribed to its page, and videos have garnered 11 billion views. Due to the popularity of the group, the blogger is ordered to advertise, and he periodically calls his sponsors during the recording of the game.

Another source of income for youtubers is the sale of self-made products: books, songs, clothing, accessories … For example, British Zoella , which has been blogging about fashion and lifestyle since 2009, released a series of cosmetics under her own name and wrote two novels- bestsellers (the first novel broke the record sales of the debut books of J. Rowling, Dan Brown and EL James combined – 80 thousand copies in the first week).

Also, the girl advertises clothes, shoes and accessories of “approved” by her designers. So if you want to start a business, consider that YouTube is the perfect place for unobtrusive advertising.

Making Money: An Action Plan

1. Identify video topics and target audiences. For example, the latest fashion trends for girls or computer games for teens. Remember, the number of potential viewers of Africa related content is small. Nigerian. English language projects and ones that appeal to International audience have a higher chance of widespread popularity such as Gaming channel and health niche.

On YouTube, they categorically treat plagiarism. If it is present in your content, the site’s management will remove the account as soon as possible.

2. Create an account. You need to sign up for Google and come up with a short username that is quickly remembered by your audience.

3. Start recording and adding videos. But keep in mind that nowadays no one will watch 240r or 360r videos.

People just don’t have time for recordings over 15 minutes, so the optimum duration for any video is 3-10 minutes. Regularity is no less important than dedication to its format. If you are shooting exclusively for ants, please do not mix the snails here.

The secret of video success is a myth, but instead, there are rules that really work. Make each subsequent video better than the previous one. Improve the quality of shooting, content, and editing. The latter can be decisive, as is the case with Canadian gamer VanossGaming.

In 2015, his channel garnered 16 million subscribers and 4 billion views thanks to its skillful editing. The blogger is experimenting with sequences of events in the video, humorous captions and sound effects.

Note that he uses music as a means of influencing viewers’ emotions. If you are wondering how this is going, take a look here. Also, read tips on editing captured content.

4. Look for followers. Yes, look exactly! Advertise yourself everywhere: on social networks, comments under other movies of this genre, on thematic forums.

A proven, guaranteed way is to advertise from another YouTube fan who already has a fan base. Some bloggers specifically negotiate and “exchange” subscribers.

For example, Zoella, who we mentioned earlier, often promotes his boyfriend and brother who have their own channels on YouTube and millions of subscribers.

One more caveat – don’t neglect to communicate with subscribers, respond to their comments, then they will feel “closer” to you.

5. Monetize the video. In other words, turn on the Advertising feature. To do this, first go to the channel settings, there you will find a tab “Monetization”, which contains a step-by-step guide (or you can see the YouTube explanation here ).

You also need to sign up for AdSense and submit your banking and tax information.

After that, a “$” sign will appear next to each of your videos, clicking on which you will activate the monetization function.

Canadian YouTuber Adelle Ramcharan said that with 40,000 subscribers, she earns about $ 2,000 a month – exclusively from YouTube ads.

So to be successful on YouTube, all you have to do is download interesting content on a regular basis. The main thing is not to give up, glory rarely comes without hard work.

Keep a list of your top 100 channels for inspiration. If you don’t believe in your capabilities, take a look at wode Maya, Aka bants, 2 nachecki and Batta Box.

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