LinkedIn has announced the modification of the Terms of Service offered by the most used professional social network worldwide. This implies the modification of the texts included in the Privacy Policy, the Conditions of Use and the Cookies Policy.

According to the company, the changes have been made in order to simplify the language, include new features and that the more than 645 million users that have the LinkedIn-owned social network have greater knowledge of how their data is used on the platform.

The new rules will take effect on January 6, 2020, but the company has already made them public so that users can adapt to them – in case they read them, something that is not usually done – and present some claim Contacting the company.

Anyway, the regulations are modified to include some services that the company has already activated, such as the new functionality that facilitates the planning of events with LinkedIn members to facilitate offline devirtualization.

Many of them are nothing more than the reorganization of the sections written in the cookie policy, for example, so that they are more easily understood by users. Trying to better write your Terms of Use is something other social networks like Facebook and Twitter are trying to do .

Another novelty is the inclusion of Drawbridge in the LinkedIn service portfolio. It is a new company that has been recently acquired and is integrated into the Marketing Solutions platform of the social network. As it involves the processing of personal data, the company has modified the Terms of Use of the service to include the acquisition.

Anyway, although the changes are not yet effective but will do so sooner or later, some of the features they refer to, as we say, are already active in the company. In addition, just using the web, it is assumed that the modifications are accepted. That is, it is nothing more than a mere formalism of your communication.

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