LinkedIn is not sure whether to allow corporate Page managers to invite their contacts to follow that company in the professional social network. Proof of this is that the inclusion of the button that allows these invitations to be made on the Pages has been included and removed several times over the past few years.

In fact, at first he allowed it, when he launched the Corporate Pages, but then he has been inactive for years. That until May of this year, in which he activated it again, to deactivate it only a few weeks later, pointing out that it could be a reason for spam.

However, now it seems that LinkedIn will again allow the administrators of Company Pages to invite their contacts to follow the page. It will be possible to do it from next December and all corporate profiles on LinkedIn will have access to that button.

Last May, when LinkedIn reintroduced the functionality before removing it again , it established a series of rules that, apparently, will be taken into account again. For example, only Page administrators with less than 500 followers can send an invitation to all of them with the option “Select all”. On the contrary, the administrators of Corporate Pages that have more than 500 contacts will have to manually select who of all of them want to send the invitation.

There are more limitations. For example, only Corporate Pages with less than 100,000 followers can invite other users to continue using this new option. In addition, if the administrator of the Page has less than three contacts, he will not be able to make use of this functionality.

Only one invitation can be sent per user, and the administrators of the Pages can only invite 50 people per session in the social network. In addition, it should be noted that users have the option to request that they not be sent invitations to Pages by adjusting their preferences in their profile settings.

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