Chelsea team coach Frank lampard has introduced a £20,000 fine for being late for a workout, 500 per minute for being late for a meeting.

The team is fined 20 thousand pounds for being late for training. For 10 thousand players will be fined if he does not report the disease before the weekend or an hour 1.30 minutes before the training.

A player will be fined £5,000 if he leaves the stadium after the game and is not on the club bus, without informing the head coach or his assistant 48 hours before, as well as for refusing to participate in club events.

2,500 thousand pounds fine for any player who comes late for a match or leaving the team, as well as for late arrival for treatment and medical procedures.

A player will pay a thousand pounds if his phone rings in the cafeteria or during a team meeting, and also if he appears on the day of the match or when the team leaves the place, not in club attributes. Also, the player will be fined for this amount in case of being late for a warm-up.

It is worth noting that for being late for team meetings, the club fines players at 500 pounds per minute.

It also became known that fines should be paid within 14 days. Otherwise, their size will double.

In addition, Lampard forbade agents from appearing at the base unless the visit was officially agreed upon in advance.

The fines for Chelsea players under coach Frank Lampard is now visible.

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