Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp shared his emotions after winning the English League Cup over Arsenal (5: 5, 5: 4 on a penalty spot).

“We made some mistakes, some passes were mediocre. At times, we played too openly. We can talk about tactics, but who cares on such an evening? I hope the guys will remember this game for a long time. I did not understand what they did today.

For the first time playing at Anfield is a dream, but everything can go wrong, and then you should continue to do what you need. All our goals were wonderful.

Kelleher is an outstanding talent, Jones. The fact that he beat the last penalty was not my decision. When I last saw the list, Origi was listed as the executor of the last penalty. They obviously changed something.

If you don’t win, no one will remember it in three years, but if everything works out, the guys will remember it forever, ”Klopp said.

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