Internet Abbreviations Every Internet user must Know

When browsing the Internet and interacting in conversations, expressions or abbreviations that are not fully understood may appear more than once.

It may be because they belong to a specific community, come from English or because they are so old that everyone takes them for granted, which can baffle a new user.

The Internet has its own language, and with it, thousands of expressions that can be confusing for recent users

There are hundreds and hundreds of expressions belonging to the Internet, so many that it would be very difficult to make a complete list. But we will explain 20 of the most common, so you know what they mean if you meet them on the Web.

Commonly Used Internet Abbreviations

DM: Direct message or direct message (can also be viewed as MD). Refers to private messages on a platform.

IMO: In my opinion (in my opinion) is used to emphasize that something is an opinion of its own and not an objective fact.

ASAP: As soon as possible, which can be translated as “as soon as possible”. It is used when something is requested with some urgency.

NSFW: No safe for work (not safe for the workplace) is a label that usually accompanies content that is better not to see if there are third parties who can take a look at the screen.

+ 1: This expression is used to show that you agree with something.

TT: Trending topic is an expression of Twitter that is used to refer to the most talked about topics at a given time in the social network.

SMH: Shake my head is an expression used to show embarrassment or shame at something.

F4F: Follow for following is a label used to indicate that an account will follow back all those who come to follow it.

FF: Follow Friday is an expression that was born on Twitter and that is used (although not so much anymore) to recommend to the followers of an account other interesting profiles to follow.

TL: Timeline, which refers to the social network activity feed such as Twitter or Instagram.

IRL: In real life (in real life) is used to refer to events that occur outside the Internet.

IDK: I don’t know (I don’t know). It is an abbreviation that expresses literally when no data is known.

BTW: By the way, it could be translated as “by the way”.

GL: Good luck, this expression is mostly used in online games before starting a game.

WTF: What the fuck is the expression par excellence to express confusion.

AFK: 20 abbreviations used on the Internet that perhaps you did not know Away from keyboard means “away from the keyboard”, and is an expression used especially in online games to indicate that the player was momentarily away from the computer.

ICYMI: In case you miss it (in case you missed it) it is used when you attach something that you think the interlocutor may not have seen.

GTG: Got to me (I have to go) is used when you leave the computer slightly abruptly. It is mostly used in online games.

JK: Just kidding means “just kidding” and is used when you want to emphasize that you were not serious.

HTH: Hope that helps (I hope that helps) is used when a question is resolved or a question is answered, expressing that it is expected to have been useful.

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