Instagram has declared war on any app that can enable spying from its own application. That is, to the practice of spying on what other profiles do, namely those who like them, who begin to follow.

That was the main reason why only a few weeks ago Instagram removed the “Following” tab , which it had launched in 2011 and that had become a way to track what people who are followed in the application do. But Instagram does not want to stay there alone and also intends to close all those applications that use their information to provide users with this type of data about their followers.

Applications to know what others do there were many, although some have had to close by basically nourishing the information in the “Following” tab, but there are others that are still standing, as is the case of “Like Patrol”.

Now Instagram has decided to go “for them”, for all those third-party applications that use their data without consent, and asked them to close the service, something they will have to do, since they use Instagram information that they are not allowed use. “Like Patrol” was launched last July on iOS and achieved some popularity. According to its creators it was “much more” than the “Following” tab of Instagram.

The application uses scraping techniques (data collection) to know the location, contacts and even the messages that users send. In addition, it alerts users every time a person they want to “follow” posts new content on Instagram or takes a specific action. That is, it is perfect to spy on anyone and all for $2.99 a week or $ 80 a year.

However, “Like Patrol” and other applications that offer similar services violate the Instagram Use Policies, which expressly state that “scraping is prohibited.” That is why the company has requested the closure, is investigating other applications of the same developer and also other apps that perform similar actions.

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