Are you trying to access Facebook, Instagram or Facebook Messenger? Do you have problems so that your advertising campaigns in the social network media network are served normally? Possibly the answer to these questions is yes, given that the company is experiencing a large-scale drop in service internationally.

How will it be that, contrary to what usually happens, Facebook this time has not remained silent and has made an official statement through the Instagram account on Twitter, among other media. It recognizes the interruptions in the service “of all the family of Facebook applications, including Instagram”.

There is no more information about what has happened, but at least this time Facebook is not silent and says it is aware of the problems in the service.

While they fix it and perhaps offer an explanation of the reasons, if you consult the Downdetector page, where you can know at all times the status of the main online services, you can see how the falls affect a large part of the globe.

However, there are differences depending on the service in question. While the United States is the country most affected by the interruptions of the service on Facebook, in the map of Instagram failures it can be seen that they are especially concentrated in Central and Northern Europe.

In any case, practically all the territories also register intermittent interruptions of the service, as can be seen in the yellow colored areas of the map. Spain and Latin America are also being affected.

Another main services of Facebook, WhatsApp, has also been affected by the cuts in operation, although to a much lesser extent than Facebook and Instagram.

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