The social media sphere in Nigeria in recent times has been buzzing with the INNOSON AND GTB saga, as no day passes without many talking about what is going on with Innoson and GTB, and the recent addition of EFCC to the whole drama, even took it a whole new level, with many organize peaceful protests and the recent addition the oxford dictionary hashtag FREEINNOSON.

According to fillers emanating from some quarters, the whole saga is as a result of the fact that Innoson Nigeria Ltd operates a Current Account with GTBank, which gave Innoson the leverage to obtain a loan of N1.3billion from GTB, which Innoson secured with a legal mortgage of its properties valued at more than N1.4billion .

Innoson and GTB fell out when Innoson discovered that GTBank imposed excess and unlawful charges in its Current account. According to people in the know, Innoson complained about this to GTB, after which both parties appointed an external auditor to investigate the claims, the findings of which mandated GTB to pay Innoson, certain amount of money. Innoson and GTB, however, were not able to come to a compromise on the agreed amount to pay, which led to series of court cases, and counter court cases.

This to the best of my understanding was the bone of contention, before the addition of EFCC, the untold story of Nigeria Airforce and the Federal Government as the director of the movie, working from behind the scene.

Like in life, every situation must have its protagonists and antagonist. The whole movie without doubt, gave rise to conspiracy theorists. According to the conspiracy theorist, their side of the story is that GTB is simply a smokescreen, used to punish Innoson for refusing to relocate the factory to lagos and also the refusal or otherwise of Innoson to refurbish Nigeria Air-force fighter jet in Kaduna, and the Federal Governement, witch-hunting of Innoson, on the basis that the company will use or is using its factory and technical skills to manufacture weapons, to actualize the Biafra agitation.

If there is any truth in all of this is beyond the scope of this write up. However, my concern as progressive Youths is that the time has come for us to always seek out the truth and not facts, as facts changes with time. We should try as much as we can at all times to do away with ethnic and religious sentiments, as these always have a way of beclouding our sense of judgment. We should always try not to be pawns in the power play. There is no doubt that one of the most effective tools of government and governance is distraction. The government will therefore at all times, either directly or indirectly through its agents create scenes and scenarios, which will help keep the youths and the public busy, while they do their deals, and direct their movie from behind the scene.

How many times have we paused to consider the developmental and productive energy ime, we have lost, by debating the antics of the government.

Now is the time for us to emancipate ourselves from the iron-tight grip of our masters, who parade themselves as governments and agents of government. A stitch in time, they say saves nine.



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